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Dermaplaning - Know your treatments series

Updated: Nov 1, 2019


What is it ?

It is a method of physical exfoliation (compared to chemical exfoliation) using a #10 Blade Sterile Scalpel. While we are holding the skin taut we are gently using short strokes at a certain angle to remove dead skin on the most top layer along with vellus hair a.k.a peach fuzz.

What does it do?

Physical exfoliation triggers the cell regeneration process and allows products to better penetrate the skin. This means you will get more out of your skin care and/or any treatment we add post dermaplaning. Also removing peach fuzz and fine hair gets rid of accumulated dirt and oil so you have a clean soft canvas for those who love wearing make up after. 

Who is it good for? 

Dermaplaning is very effective for those to have dry or rough skin texture and want more of a smoother touch. Its good for those who also have uneven skin tone and acne scarring. By exfoliating the top layer of skin you’ll notice minimize appearance in scars. Its safe for pregnant or lactating mamas who want to give their skin a little TLC. Great for mature skin, as we tent to build up lots of dead cells as cellular turnover slows down with age. 

Who should NOT get dermaplaning?

Clients with very oily skin and active acne skin, as well as anyone with dark thick facial hair. Acne prone skin can become sore and irritated with this procedure. 

How many treatments are needs? 

For best results most clients see results after 3-6 treatments, but the key is to maintain the results with ongoing treatments. With manual exfoliation, we always recommend about 4 weeks in between sessions to give your skin a chance to rebuild skin cells (which for an average person its 21-24 days). 

What can you combine dermaplaning with ?

Hydrating Mask $15Light therapy $49Chemical Peel $55High Frequency $15Facial ( dermaplaning is a $55 add on to any facial )

What is the cost ?

Our Dermaplaning alone is only $119 , how ever we always recommend to combine it with other treatments… Dermaplaning with a Hydrating mask & 20 Minute Light therapy is $149. This month special $119. 

What is the downtime ?

There is none :) you will leave with baby skin ready for your regular day to day activities.

What is the post care for dermaplaning ?

No exfoliating the skin or applying any acids (toners) for the first week.Avoid sweating, hot tubs, swimming and saunas for the first 48 hoursApply Sunscreen !!Did we mention to apply Sunscreen …. :)

FAQ and Concern of many people - Will my hair grown back thicker? 

NO! This is an absolute myth, many doctors have done studies on dermaplaning and came to the conclusion that its a myth. Your hair will not grow back any different than what you originally came with. 

If this post was helpful please comment and let us know. We will be doing these once a week for different treatments !! 

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