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Laser Hair Removal

Retire your razor and cancel your waxing appointment because those very temporary solutions can be replaced with something way more effective, laser hair removal!

Looking for a hair removal solution that's both effective and virtually painless? Look no further than Bella Vita Laser Clinic in Edmonton! Our state-of-the-art laser hair removal technology uses a precise, gentle laser to target and destroy hair follicles, leaving you with silky smooth skin.


But how does it work?

First, we'll prep your skin and adjust the laser settings to your unique skin and hair type. Then, we'll use the laser to deliver a burst of energy to the hair follicles, destroying them without damaging the surrounding skin. The result? A gradual reduction in hair growth, with each treatment leaving you smoother and smoother.

And the best part? Our witty banter and relaxing atmosphere will have you forgetting you're even getting hair removal done! Say goodbye to the painful, tedious methods of the past and hello to the new, pain-free you.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment at Bella Vita Laser Clinic today and get ready to experience the wonders of laser hair removal in Edmonton!



  1. Permanent results can be achieved.

  2. Treatments are non-invasive, reliable and relatively painless.

  3. The five pulse duration option allows for precise, flexible and safe treatments.

  4. The three diverse hand piece options ensure solutions are available to all client profiles.

  5. The high power heat applied ensures maximum effectiveness and enables results to be achieved in a relatively small number of treatment sessions.

  6. Treatments have been proven successful with a high degree of satisfied clients.

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